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Voucher expires 11-23-2012, No more than one voucher per visit/table, No cash or credit back on unused amount, Voucher valid for use ONLY on BLACK FRIDAY, 11/23/2012, No refunds for voucher issued after 11/22/2012

Carter's Jewelry

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Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Sat: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

35 Byrd Blvd Suite 1001 Petal, MS 39565
Learn more about 'Carter's Jewelry'

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Featured Deal: Black Friday Exclusive offer $100 for $200 worth of jewelry, accessories, & more from Carter's Jewelry

Just in time for Black Friday, Carter's Jewelry, located on the Evelyn Gandy Parkway in Petal, offers $200 worth of jewelry, accessories, & more, for only $100! This offer is valid for everything in the store including diamonds, Trollbeads, watches and more. This outstanding offer is valid for Black Friday only and must be used before close of business. Carter's prides itself on unbeatable prices, quality selection, and excellent customer service that carries with you after the sale!

Whether the purchase is for yourself, that special someone, or a gift for a loved one, Carter's is your one-stop gift item shop for jewelry - including diamond rings and earrings, gold buying, watches, bracelets, colored stones, handbags, Peapod necklaces, and so much more! Make Carter's Jewelry your first stop when looking for the perfect gift this Black Friday!

* Voucher can be used on anything in the store, no exclusions, only on BLACK FRIDAY ONLY, 11/23/2012.

No refunds will be issued on vouchers purchased after 11/22/2012.

About Carter's Jewelry


Established in 1986 by Scott and Judy Carter, Carter's Jewelry is a family owned business now  managed Chae Carter. Carter's is a local, trusted jewelry store offering unbeatable prices and quality. Not only does Carter's specialize in diamonds and bridal wear, they also offer gold buying, in house repair, Trollbeads, handbags, and so many other accessories that make them like any other Jeweler in the Pinebelt!


Carter's has different flavors for different persons, always keeping in mind quality, selection, & pricing are what matters most to their customers. When it comes to different lines of items, Carter's has it covered!


It's a term many throw around loosely (no pun intended), but Carter's really knows the difference and understands the value of one of the earth's most beautiful elements. Carter's wants you to be satisfied with the true 4 C's every diamond connoisseur is looking for - Cut, Color, Clarity, & Carat Weight. At Carter's, Diamonds are their specialty, from loose stones to hand cut gems mounted in beautiful settings, every one treated uniquely precious because of the value it brings to its wearer.


 At Carter's, you'll find fun colored stones, diamonds, watches, bracelets, wedding bands, Troll Beads, hand bags, and so much more. Carter's knows that when searching for that special someone or yourself, a person really loves having that one-stop-shop feel of finding the perfect jewelry & accessories all in one place, which offers not only value but convenience for those that grace the beautiful store located on the Evelyn Gandy Parkway in Petal right next door to Wal-Mart.


*** If you LOVE to browse pictures of jewelry, accessories, and all things Carter's Jewelry, click on the Facebook icon above. They're excellent about keeping you updated there with pics of new inventory, sales, and all kinds of fun info you'll love to follow them about!

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35 Byrd Blvd Suite 1001 Petal MS, 39565